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Downtown Resident Info

City of Salina Ordinance Regarding Pet Waste

Sec 7-56 -- Removal of animal feces required.

The owner of any animal, when such animal is off the owner's property, shall be responsible for the removal of any feces deposited by such animal on public walks, streets, recreation areas, or private property and it shall be a violation of this section for such owner to fail to remove or provide for the removal of such feces before taking such animal from the immediate area where such defecation occurred.

(Ord. No. 80-8794, S 1(8-49), 4-28-80)

Salina Animal Shelter
Vizsla Dogs

Residential Parking Permits

Residents of Santa Fe Avenue; the 100 and 200 blocks of East Iron Avenue; and the 100 block of West Iron Avenue may apply.

Vehicles must have:

  • Current vehicle registration and plates
  • Not exceed 20 feet in length

  • Be moved at least once every 24 hours

No more than one permit will be issued per resident. Permits are transferable from one vehicle to another as long as the above requirements are met.


The permit entitles registered vehicle to be parked in the public lot nearest their residence on 5th and 7th streets only (either two-hour or eight-hour). This excludes designated handicapped spaces unless you have a state-issued handicapped permit.


A $60 fee entitles the recipient to parking privileges for one year. Fees will be pro-rated for any permits bought during the year. All permits expire December 31. It is the responsibility of the resident to renew the permit.

The permit applicant affirms that they:

  1. Have read and understand all of the above conditions

  2. Hold and will continue to hold a current state-issued driver’s license during the term of this permit

  3. Have and will continue to have automobile insurance that complies with the laws of the State of Kansas during the term of this permit

Parking Permit Order Form
Upload File

Thank you for your order! Your permit will be mailed out in 1-2 business days to the address provided!

Contact April Rickman at

for further questions.

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