We Dig Downtown! 

Sailna downtown is undergoing a $160 million (private-public partnership) revitalization! Streetscape construction begin in May of 2018 with the east side of Santa Fe Avenue between Mulberry and Walnut streets. Phase I of the construction should be finished by November. When finished Santa Fe will have new sidewalks, new pedestrian crossings, and three rebuilt and one new overhead crosswalk structures. The four downtown plazas will be renovated and made more user and pedestrian friendly. Bricks from the old street surface, which will be dug up during waterline replacement, will be reused for a center median and to mark the corners and crosswalks.

Customers are encouraged to use public parking lots off Fifth and Seventh streets!! 

11/21/2018 - Santa Fe Avenue Streetscape & Waterline Update

The City's contractor, Smoky Hill, LLC, has completed pavement work on Santa Fe Avenue such that two-way traffic can continue thru the holiday season. Work will still continue in other areas adjacent to the project as further described below:


  • Northbound Santa Fe Avenue at Ash Street has been opened to traffic. Sidewalk and brick work will continue in this block along the east side of Santa Fe Avenue to be completed by the end of December.

  • Ash Street traffic will be shifted to different lanes as the water crews work on main and service lines in the block east of Santa Fe Avenue to 5th Street.​

  • Work on two more plazas will begin next week with Spilman and Strand being closed for re-construction.

  • The Sunflower Bank drive-thru entrance on the Santa Fe Avenue side has been closed for widening. Customers can still access the bank via the north entrance off of Ash Street. This work is expected to take about 3 weeks.

Generally, the contractor will focus efforts in smaller areas to mitigate for variations in weather and freezing temperatures.


The attached maps also show the parking areas, vehicle access lanes, and pedestrian paths for visitors and customers to navigate around the area. Pedestrian access to all storefronts is still available even though the Santa Fe Avenue street parking is disrupted. Plenty of downtown parking exists in the public parking lots and along Fifth Street and Seventh Street.

Streetscape Navigational Maps

Santa Fe from South St. to Mulberry St.
Santa Fe Ave. fro Mulberry St. to Walnut St.
Santa Fe Ave,Walnut St. to Iron Ave.

Click below for streetscape elements and renderings

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Chicago and The Alley elements and renderings