Small Business Appreciation Week 2022
Gift Card Promotion 


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This year, May 2nd-6th is Small Business Appreciation Week!!! Small Business Appreciation Week was created to celebrate and show gratitude to these homegrown businesses. We saw how the COVID-19 pandemic devastated and even closed many small businesses. Even when they’re down though, small businesses show up. These shops sponsor our little league teams, donate to non-profits, fundraisers, and raffles, and even give to GoFundMe campaigns that are arranged for our community members in need. Salina Downtown is hoping to create opportunities for everyone to show up and show appreciation for all they do. To celebrate this, and our wonderful merchants in Salina Downtown, we would like to offer a gift card promotion like we have done in the past.


We would like to offer gift cards to downtown businesses worth $25 for only $20To make things easier, they're already marked down! No need to enter a coupon code at checkout. Don't wait, this offer is for a limited time only. Salina Downtown, Inc. has graciously secured sponsorship dollars to help offset the cost of the discount, to ensure our downtown merchants receive 100% of the gift cards sales! 

In the past were able to bring $13,175 of revenue to our downtown merchants from gift card sales. That is AMAZING support! 

*Please allow one week before Salina Downtown can safely obtain your gift cards. Mailing will be an option for an additional fee or in-person pick-up for no cost. If you choose the mailing option and pay the fee, please ensure your mailing address is correct. We are not responsible for delivery times and/or errors or loss on the part of USPS. We will announce an in-person pick up date once the promotion is complete.*