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Want to reserve a Downtown plaza or stage??

Here's what you need to know...

If you would like to reserve a plaza or a stage for your event please complete the following steps:

  1. Click the following link to the Salina Parks and Rec website:

  2. Click the downtown tab in gray.

  3. Choose the plaza or stage you would like to reserve.

  4. Select an available day, then create an account to reserve (note that you must book at least 30 days in advance).

  5. You will receive a receipt of your reservation that will be pending until the city receives your special event permit.

  6. Plaza/Stage reservations are not finalized and approved until a special event permit is submitted. This receipt

just verifies the holding status of your date until the special event permit is received. If the special event

permit is not received within 14 days of event, the reservation will be removed.

Please use the following link for the special event permit:

Special Event Permit

  1. Once the special event permit is received by the city. Salina Downtown will be notified and approve your reservation.

  2. Hold your event and please remember to leave the plaza or stage the way you found it.

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