The Christmas Festival and Parade of Lights will be on November 21, 2020.

The parade route is from Santa Fe Avenue going south from Elm Street to Prescott Avenue. 


EACH parade entry must supply a minimum of two float escorts, one person for each side of the float, to ensure that spectators remain a safe distance from the float. ALL candy must be distributed by parade walkers only. No candy may be thrown from any float or vehicle.


Pre-Parade performance will begin at 5:15 PM sharp at the corner of Walnut and Santa Fe and head north to Elm Street. Please indicate on the entry form if you wish to be included in these Pre-Parade performances. There will be NO stopping the parade at any time for performances during the Parade of Lights. 


Salina Downtown contracts with the "REAL" Santa Claus, so we ask that you do NOT use a Santa Claus as part of your entry. The theme for the parade is LIGHTS and MUSIC!  Let's light up our new Santa Fe Avenue and give people a real treat for their eyes and ears!  




All registered entries will receive a follow-up EMAIL with lineup details including arrival time and specific lineup locations on Tuesday, November 17th by 5:30 PM. 


For safety and insurance purposes Salina Downtown, Inc. requires ALL lighted entries to follow electrical and generator requirements for the Annual Parade of Lights.

1. Electrical wire must be of a type approved for the use of which it is being used, shall have a sufficient capacity, shall be secured to prevent damage (may not be attached with staples), shall have all connections made in approved devices or electrical boxes and shall be properly fused. No open splices or frayed wiring permitted.

2. All entrants should consult a qualified (licensed) electrician to discuss concerns or questions about the entries electrical requirements prior to the parade.

3. Entries using portable generators must have the generators securely mounted on the vehicle with not less than 12 inches of clearance separating them from any light combustible material. Generator exhaust shall pass through substantial and firmly anchored exhaust lines meeting the clearance standards for vehicle exhaust.

4. Generators must be uncovered.

5. Generators shall not be placed in enclosed spaces/vehicles. (Example: a hatchback vehicle with the hatch open is not an approved location for gas-powered generators).

6. No open flames are permitted on floats or towing vehicles.

These requirements are a minimum standard. Failure to meet these requirements will eliminate your float from any participation in the parade.

Your entry must comply with the Electrical/Generator Requirements specified by Salina Downtown, Inc. The sponsoring organization/group of any parade entry will not hold Salina Downtown, Inc. responsible for any liability should damages or injury occur.

The 2020 Christmas Festival and Parade of Lights has been canceled.