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Merchant Business 

The many benefits of being in Salina Downtown!
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Every business start-up or expansion is cash intensive. Salina Downtown has the tools in place to help facilitate your business formation and development. Business Incentives are meant to strengthen the economic viability of the district.

Click here for a downloadable copy of the benefits. 


Facade Improvement Program

The Facade Program focuses on improving the exterior of existing buildings

and constructing new commercial buildings. 


Mini-Grants (up to $3,499 per award) – requires $2 applicant funds for every

$1 grant funds. 


Forgivable Loans (up to $15,000 per award) – requires $1.50 applicant funds

for every $1 loan funds. 

Entertainment Funding Grants

Entertainment funding is to encourage collaboration between and businesses 

to help create a fun and cultural environment downtown!

Any Salina downtown business in good standing (service fees must be current) may participate in an application for DIP Entertainment funds. Minimum award is $50 with maximum award set at $200. All applications must meet the 1:1 match.

Click here for entertainment application


New Business Recruitment Loans

New Business Recruitment promotes new businesses or relocation of existing

into Salina Downtown. Visit for more information.


  • This is a revolving loan fund. Applications will be accepted for a minimum of

       $1,000 to a maximum of $5,000.

  • All applicants must be a participant in Project Open and locate within the

      district within twelve months of application. 



Cluster Marketing Grants

Cluster Marketing promotes cooperative marketing of multiple downtown



•  Available Funds: Minimum single grant request is $250. Maximum single grant

request is $1,000.

•  Matching Requirement:  All applications require a minimum match of $2 private

investment to $1 grant funds.




The newly renovated Townsite Building using Forgivable Loan Facade funding. 

Blue Skye Brewery & Eats, recipiant of New Business Recruitment Loans.

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