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Salina Downtown
StoryWalk & Horse Hunt

Take a stroll in Downtown Salina to read "Wrangler Rein Rides Again." It is relatable to the non-cowpoke and little buckaroos alike. It describes a tale of perseverance and bravery of a young boy to overcome his fears of riding. It doesn’t just stop there; this young cowboy inspires his family in this heartwarming story. We hope you are inspired to overcome your fear and find your inner courage too. Story Boards will be placed February 7th- March 19th

The Adventures of Cowboy Cinch and Wrangler Rein

Wrangler Rein Rides Again

By: Ryan and Bridget Liggett

Begin your Story Walk at

The Market Shop (2 pages)

The Bath Pub

Streit Sandblasting

Sharp Performance

Sanity Boutique

Apron Strings (2 pages) then cross the street to:

Peaceful Body Wellness Retreat

Blushe Boutique (2 pages)

Kids Creative Corners (2 pages)

Pathway Financial


On The Pot (2 pages)

Rebecca Janes

Vernon Jewelers

Ad Astra Books and Coffeehouse (2 pages)


Equifest Horse Hunt


Each of our horse friends had a downtown store they just HAD to see during their visit to Salina, KS!

Can you help us find them?

Come to the Salina Downtown office at 134 S. Santa Fe Ave. Ste. 120 or Kid's Creative Corners to get your search card. When you find the store window with our horse friends, write the name of the store below, bring your completed card to the Salina Downtown office, to be entered into a drawing for some cool prizes! Horses will be placed from February 7th-March 19th as well!

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