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In the age of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s easy to skip over the mom-and-pop shop for the big box store or online retailer, but there’s good cause to keep our neighborhood shops in business, and that’s what Small Business Saturday is all about. Celebrate with us on November 27, 2021




1. Go On A Local Shopping Spree

Many shoppers opt for big box stores on Black Friday, knowing that there'll be sales on common holiday gifts. Small businesses sometimes offer many similar discounts, but without the marketing dollars to display the price cuts, they're often left out in the cold. If you were planning on purchasing a TV this holiday season, try calling your local electronics store to see if they're offering any discounts before pulling the plug on any other deals.


2. Talk About It
Social media is a wonderful way to share our daily lives with friends, but sometimes, letting them know about a good deal from an e-commerce giant or a big box store can feel like advertising. With small businesses, it's different: instead of contributing to some corporation's bottom-line, you can rest easy knowing that you're helping a neighbor succeed.


3. Make It A Habit
Small Business Saturday only lasts for one day, but you're now acquainted with your local shops. Don't let another year pass before your next visit! For small businesses to succeed, they need our support through the year.



A. Run Up The Block
Unless you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are that the closest businesses to your home are small businesses. Nearly wherever you are, they're close enough that you can just run up the block to reach them.


B. Where Everybody Knows Your Name — And They're Always Glad You Came
The local big box outlets might have a large selection, but often times, you might as well take a number and hope it gets called. With a strong dependence on the neighborhood, local stores are more likely to make sure you leave happy, and might even make an effort to keep your favorite items in stock.


C. Get To Know The Neighborhood
Unlike their big box brethren, each small business will be different from the next. Getting to know your local small businesses can be a great way to get to know your neighborhood and community!

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