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Community Improvement Districts (CID)

Community Improvement Districts (CID) can accelerate new development and redevelopment, enhancing the quality of life and the economic well-being within the district through the use of an add-on sales tax throughout the CID. The City of Salina has established three unique CID's in downtown Salina; Homewood Suites by Hilton, The Alley Entertainment Center and the downtown BID district. An additional sales and use tax of 1% will be charged throughout the CID with 40.6% of the revenue generated to be used for downtown maintenance, security and programming. Salina Downtown, Inc. pledges to enhance the maintenance level of public improvements and infrastructure, further secure the safety of persons and the protection of property all while prioviding a variety of programs to entertain and attract customers and visitors to the downtown corridor. 

The CID also provides developers and owners of eligible projects within the district, funding to help with their prospective projects. Owners of existing (and NEW!) businesses in the CID are encouraged to apply for use of the CID funds through the process described here.

Community Improvement District Map

Downtown CID.jpg
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