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Development Incentives

DIP Cluster Marketing

DIP Cluster Marketing promotes cooperative marketing of two or more Lee District businesses.


Available Funds:

SDI has a maximum of $7,000 to award on a competitive basis in 2019. Minimum single grant request is $250. Maximum single grant request is $1,000.


Matching Requirment:

All applications are competitive and require a minimum cash only match of $2 private investment to $1 Development Incentive Program (DIP) grant funds. In-kind contributions will NOT count towards the required match.



Any Salina Downtown business in good standing (Salina Downtown Service Fees must be current), may participate in an application for DIP Cluster Marketing funds. The cluster MUST include at least two eligible businesses. All participating businesses must agree to include the Salina Downtown logo in all marketing materials associated with their Cluster Marketing Grant.


Any Salina Downtown business in good standing may participate in an unlimited number of clusters annually (provided funding is available), however preference will be given to first-time grant applicants. Priority will be given to Salina Downtown members. However, non-profit Salina Downtown, Inc. Partners whose principal location lies within the boundaries are also eligible to apply for DIP Cluster Marketing funds.


For complete details, see the DIP Cluster Marketing Grant Guidelines and Application:

Cluster Marketing Application and Guidelines Deadlines


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